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The Reliable Air Conditioning Contractor in Sugar Land TX You Are Looking For

Based in Sugar Land, TX, our company is the contractor that can repair your AC, furnace, or heater in a timely and reliable manner. Emergency HVAC repairs are our specialty. As a team of knowledgeable technicians, we guarantee quality services that will meet and even exceed your expectations. Keep reading to learn why our company – Luna Air Conditioning – is considered a trustworthy air conditioning contractor.

Whether it comes to heater, furnace, or air conditioning repair service, we can help! We have years of experience in this line of work, the necessary know-how, and equipment to ensure quality and affordable solutions to all your HVAC dilemmas. Learn more on our Services page!

The best way to avoid costly or dangerous HVAC repairs is to maintain regular, consistent tune-up and maintenance services. With a reliable technician by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that any repairs are detected before they become serious problems. Whether you are in or around Sugar Land, TX and in need of a quality air conditioning installation or maintenance service, don’t hesitate to turn to us! We are committed to bringing the comfort back to your home and office.

At our company, we are known for providing the information you need to make the right decision between AC repair and having your system replaced. We educate our customers on the latest advancements in the industry so they can choose the right solution for their needs. Turn to the right air conditioning service providers by calling Luna Air Conditioning today! We are well-equipped and prepared to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind!

To learn what makes us stand out from any other AC service provider in Sugar Land, TX, just browse the other pages on this website or call us at the phone number you see on this page!

1 year warranty on installation service

5-10 years warranty on manufacturers equipment


Client’s Testimonial

I highly recommend booking their air conditioning installation service. They were very accommodating and friendly and listened to all of my requests, which is something I look for in a company.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Heating and Furnace Repair

Heating Tune-Ups

Air Conditioning Installation

HVAC Maintenance


Offering complete HVAC services

Luna AC provides reliable air conditioning service to the people of Huston. We provide complete HVAC service with expert technicians. Our technician will help you detect any issue quickly. Afterwards, they will fix it as soon as possible. You can rely on us for ac repair, installation, and replacement services. We offer affordable services while maintaining high quality. New installations get a 5% discount.

Providing practical solutions to all HVAC problems is our expertise. As one of Houston’s leading HVAC contractors, we provide customized services to help you live a more comfortable life. We provide installation, repair, and maintenance for heating and cooling systems.

You can contact us now if you have any questions about our service.

Our services

We provide professional HVAC services in Houston. You can expect to get complete essential, complete solutions for all your heating and cooling needs. Undoubtedly, air conditioning plays a significant role in people’s lives. Our company takes pride in offering the best value for all the services we provide for our clients. If you choose Luna ac services, you will get a wide range of HVAC systems under one roof.

⦁ Air Conditioning Installation
⦁ Air Conditioning Repair
⦁ Heating and Furnace Repair
⦁ Heating Tune-Ups
⦁ HVAC Maintenance

Luna A/c offers the most professional technicians

You cannot allow anyone to enter your home. Our company only hires certified air conditioning service, providers. Each of our sectors is handled by a dedicated specialist. So, there is no need to worry about your safety and security. You can rely on all our technicians to be true professionals with the skills, certifications, and training you need. Then look no further. We are here to help you. Our services are available to both

⦁ Residential
⦁ Commercial

Are you in need of Ac service Houston? Please contact us for more information, quotes, or to set up an appointment.

Trustable Air conditioner contractors

You can trust Luna ac to give you authentic service. Most of our customers told us that the other air conditioner repair companies have told them to replace their system. After you call us, our staff will visit your place. We will inspect it thoroughly to identify the problem. As soon as the problem is identified, it will be resolved. We don’t recommend replacing customers’ systems all the time. You need professionals like us to extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Whenever we find out that fixing the problem will not be sustainable, we discuss the next step with our customers.

Enjoy the most Discounted HVAC service from us

We at Luna AC offer our clients the most comprehensive and affordable HVAC service. You can enjoy a discounted rate for new installation. We provide the best service for installing, repairing, and maintaining your air conditioner. If needed, we provide financial assistance as well. To get a discount, text 411SUGARLAND to (832)488-4277. Call us to know more about our service

We know that the air conditioner system is part and parcel of the people of Houston.; Therefore we provide our clients with the most affordable and discounted prices. If you neglect the necessary maintenance, your air conditioner will not provide steady performance. For any repair HVAC Houston service, you can call us now.

Are you searching for an emergency AC repair service?

People looking for a reliable air conditioning repair in Houston can rely on our professional team. From simple air conditioning (AC) system testing to full-service A/C system repair, Luina ac technicians can provide everything you need. You can trust our experts to diagnose the issue promptly and recommend a cost-effective repair solution for your car. You can count our team for:

⦁ Emergency repair
⦁ Full inspection
⦁ Quick delivery
⦁ A dirty or clogged filter
⦁ A faulty breaker, fuse, or capacitor
⦁ A malfunctioning compressor
⦁ Thermostat malfunction
⦁ Leaks of coolant
⦁ Drainage problems
⦁ A dirty or corroded coil and more

Air conditioners function more efficiently and effectively if their filters, coils, and fans are maintained regularly. Whether you need repair service for central ac Houston or simple air-conditional maintenance, you can count on our team. All you need to call us at (832)488-4277. the rest is our responsibility.

Why do you need a professional ac repair service?

Who does not want a comfortable temperature at home and the Houston office? There is nothing worse than an air conditioning breakdown. If you experience a breakdown of your HVAC system at home or your office, it can cause many issues in your everyday life and your job. You can prevent problems by performing regular maintenance or contacting an emergency repair service. We have a team of experts at Luna ac that can help you complete your air conditioning system inspection and provide you with the best available options.

You can also keep yourself from those uncomfortable situations by having our professional AC repair technicians perform regular maintenance at the start of the season. Our Ac repairs Houston service can help you to:

⦁ Inspect and find out the real problem
⦁ Extend the life of your air condition system
⦁ Help you to purify air quality
⦁ Upgrade your system
⦁ Increase the system’s health and efficiency
⦁ Eliminate extra noise
⦁ Remove unwanted dirt and derbies

For an air conditioner to be as efficient and effective as possible throughout its life, its filters, coils, and fans must be kept clean. If you are looking for the best ac repair near me in Houston, then you can count on Luna ac.

Our Luna A/C services ensure a comfortable atmosphere for our clients.

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Signs that you need a HAVC service

The common homeowner doesn’t give their heating or air conditioning system a second thought until something goes wrong. The problem is that they don’t know when to seek out an AC repair service. There are a few signs that will help you to determine that you need a professional HAVC service. A well-functioning, energy-efficient air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system will always require regular maintenance. The common problems that will help you to determine whether you need HAVC specialists

⦁ Unexpected to increase if the energy bill
⦁ Airflow decreases
⦁ Unexpected noises are coming
⦁ Your air conditioner is more than a decade old
⦁ Performed maintenance a year ago

Contact us now if you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above.

How can our professional help you?

We know almost 90% of people in Houston use air conditioners to lead a healthy life. Your air conditioning system would benefit from expert installation, repair, and replacement. When hiring our team members, you can rest assured that your air conditioner system is in good hands. To keep your HVAC system working well, you should schedule our reliable HVAC service twice a year. Our professional team members will provide you.

⦁ Quick inspection
⦁ Proper and exact estimation (Installation, repair, and replacement)
⦁ Work cooperatively
⦁ Maintain the safety hazards
⦁ Quality work
⦁ Listen-to to the customer
⦁ Live up to your expectation

Our team includes some of the industry’s best professionals. Customers can expect top-notch service and satisfaction from them. We guarantee our work so firmly that we offer a full guarantee.

Our working process

Our company strives for customer satisfaction. Our company always works hard to meet your expectations and requirements. We reflect our philosophy as an organization in our work practices, health and safety procedures, and customer interactions. Listening to our customers allows us to provide them with their needed service. The workers at our company put their hearts and souls into every project, no matter how big or small. After we’re done, your property will be left neat.

⦁ You can reach us by phone
⦁ Listen to your needs
⦁ Inspect
⦁ Provide early estimation
⦁ Start our work

We have kept everything simple and transparent for the clients. Our company doesn’t ask for a hidden charge. Our main priority is customer satisfaction. You can rely on us for any HVAC repair, including Furnace Replacement Houston.

Why choose us?

Our goal is to help our clients have the best HVAC services for the people of Houston. Our professionals can resolve any problem with your HVAC system. For each sector, we have a dedicated team. We provide a wide range of air conditioning solutions under one roof. An easy and stress-free way to repair, install and replace air conditioners. Besides, our expert team members are certified and know their job well. they maintain all the safety requirements while performing their job.The company strives to help its clients in Houston. Every project is handled with the utmost care. We are the most transparent and reliable air conditioner contactors.

⦁ Provide dedicated team
⦁ Rapid response time
⦁ We handle your air conditioner system carefully
⦁ Work for both commercial and residential
⦁ Providing affordable service plans
⦁ Deep inspection
⦁ Can handle any situation
⦁ For any air conditioner need, you can rely on our experts
⦁ Fast and efficient work
⦁ Quick response
⦁ We guarantee quality work

We can help you with various comprehensive – and fast – services, whether your system has shut down or you discovered a leak just now.


Luna AC provides residential and commercial air conditioning services. We have expert contractors who can help you with any of your air conditioning needs. To learn more, contact us today.



How much does your air conditioner repair service cost?

There is no exact answer to the question. The cost depends on the services you will take from us. After you give us a call, our professional team will visit your place. They will provide you with a precise estimation of the cost. You can count on our team if you need a residential and commercial air conditioning repair Houston service. We are the most professional HVAC service provider in the town. Furthermore, if you need anything specific, you can contact us and let us know what you need. We can provide you with an exact estimate.

Is it necessary for me to be in the home during the service?

You are free to make your own decision. Our professional team of experts will come to your house and inspect everything. When cracking the deal, you can discuss with our team your needs. We provide the most reliable HAVC service in Houston. If you have any instructions or requirements, you can tell our team.

How often Should I Hire an air conditioner contractor?

Experts recommend that you hire a HAVC service twice a year. If your heating and cooling system provides continuous service, you must look for a professional team of air condition experts. You can rely on our professionals to come with all the necessary supplies for a deep inspection of your HAVC system. The team will tell our clients if there are any problems so the work can proceed smoothly. As one of the best air conditioner repair Houston services, you can expect quality work from us. We provide commercial and residential air conditioner repair, installation, and replacement services.

How long will it take to repair my ac?

There is no exact answer to this question- it depends. For simple repair works, it only takes 20-25 minutes. Several factors affect the length of the repair work, depending on your system. Our professionals will provide you with the quickest delivery possible. Besides, you can hire us for emergency needs and tell us about your requirements.

Why should I take your service?

We provide Houston's most affordable, transparent, and quality HAVC service. As one of the leading companies in the heating and cooling systems field, we ensure a professional team of experts. Each member of the team provides high-quality work. We don't take any hidden charges.